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Owning and renting multi-family units is a significant investment. People are always looking for housing, and having a great property in the right location can be profitable. That said, as with all properties, multi-family units require maintenance, repair, and upgrades from time to time. Rodriguez Remodeling has a lot of experience working on this type of structure, and we welcome the opportunity to service any of your investment properties.

Whenever you work on buildings that house many families, specific concerns and issues arise. Many people will be living in the building, so trying to avoid conflict can be a challenge. In such situations, it’s easy to get in the way and disrupt people with noise or building materials. Our construction teams understand how to work in this type of environment and make every effort to show the greatest respect to residents. Crews store materials neatly and monitor noise carefully. Items are fabricated off site whenever possible and transported to avoid any undue noise.

Over the years, we have upgraded windows and floor covering, paint, and siding. We have taken rundown buildings and given them a fresh new look. In order to attract tenants, it’s important to provide the living space that people expect. A well-maintained property will always return higher rent, so it’s wise to invest in upgrades and repairs.


When it’s time to remodel your multi-family property, it would be our pleasure to provide a free estimate. Find out why so many people trust us to maintain their investment properties. Our contractors are licensed and insured, so you can be sure that they’ll do the job right the first time. Rodriguez Remodeling knows how to balance quality and affordability so that you can maintain your bottom line.

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Rodriguez Remodeling’s  years of passionate, sustainable remodeling experience has taught us to create quality, healthy, comfortable buildings and relationships.  We are here to serve you in every capacity, providing excellent customer service and a quality end product.  We continually strive to maintain a synergy of excellence and experience that is second to none. Passion for quality drives everything we do.

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Rodriguez Remodeling is proud to be an innovator in sustainable residential, multifamily and light commercial remodeling and construction.  We are committed to quality projects that are completed on time and at a competitive price, while reducing our impact on the earth.  We accomplish this in partnership with our clients, design partners, craftsmen and suppliers.

For over 20 years, John Rodriguez has promoted better buildings with the use of less toxic materials, increasing resource and energy efficiency, and creating durability.  Rodriguez Remodeling is dedicated to creating healthy homes and commercial spaces through the use of low-toxic products.

Our budget-driven, client-focused perspective and attention to finished details is recognized by our long list of satisfied clients.


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