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It’s easy for your floors to get worn and outdated. Foot traffic, pets, and years of constant use fade just about every type of material. Replacing worn floors is often one of the best ways to refresh your living space. Like a fresh coat of paint, new floors seem to transform the entire house, and today, there are attractive options to fit any budget.

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice these days. Not only is it durable, but it also presents an elevated level of class. Adding genuine hardwood floors can even improve the value of a home. It comes in many different shades and many other types, such as oak, maple, and bamboo. Each type of wood has a different grain, which artisans finish with various stains and sheens. Rodriguez Remodeling also refinishes hardwood floors. This process requires some sanding and staining, but the results are floors that look brand new.

Laminate flooring is another option that’s gained some popularity in the last decade. It’s often indistinguishable from hardwood flooring and tile. Its resin composition resists water. Many homeowners choose laminate flooring because it’s relatively easy to install and maintain.

Carpet and tile are also great options. Carpet is especially popular in bedrooms and living rooms because it adds warmth, color, and texture to a room. It’s less expensive than some other options and, if maintained well, can last for many years. Tile is durable and easy to clean and works well in bathrooms.


Replacing a floor means that a work crew is often obstructing, or partially obstructing, a living space. Our construction teams always work to minimize noise and debris when installing materials in a living space. We also work hard to keep construction sites clean and safe. It’s our objective to complete work quickly so that you can have full use of your home.

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Rodriguez Remodeling’s  years of passionate, sustainable remodeling experience has taught us to create quality, healthy, comfortable buildings and relationships.  We are here to serve you in every capacity, providing excellent customer service and a quality end product.  We continually strive to maintain a synergy of excellence and experience that is second to none. Passion for quality drives everything we do.

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Rodriguez Remodeling is proud to be an innovator in sustainable residential, multifamily and light commercial remodeling and construction.  We are committed to quality projects that are completed on time and at a competitive price, while reducing our impact on the earth.  We accomplish this in partnership with our clients, design partners, craftsmen and suppliers.

For over 20 years, John Rodriguez has promoted better buildings with the use of less toxic materials, increasing resource and energy efficiency, and creating durability.  Rodriguez Remodeling is dedicated to creating healthy homes and commercial spaces through the use of low-toxic products.

Our budget-driven, client-focused perspective and attention to finished details is recognized by our long list of satisfied clients.


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