Manchaca: The Future of Texas

Manchaca, Texas is a small town with big dreams. Manchaca is just southwest of Austin and has been growing rapidly. While Manchaca may be small in size, it is huge in opportunity. Menchaca’s population grew by 1,700 percent between 2000 and 2010! Manchaca also boasts the lowest crime rates in its region which makes this little town an attractive place to start your life or business. With so much potential for growth, Manchaca seems like the perfect place to call home! Manchaca has a lot to offer its residents. Manchaca offers outdoor recreation in the form of hiking trails, lakes and golf courses. Manchaca also provides many community events that are perfect for families! Manchurians love spending time together at festivals, concerts and craft fairs. Manchaca is truly an awesome place to call home or visit while you’re traveling through Texas! Austin, TX can be seen here.

The Future of Texas Manchaca is a neighborhood on the south side of South Austin that was settled by German immigrants back in the 1850s. It takes its name from an early settler named Henry W Mancha who opened up a general store here and built some roads for the locals to manage their affairs with ease. Prior to becoming an official city neighborhood, Manchaca grew rapidly as it became home to several African Americans during World War I when many blacks were migrating from Mississippi and Louisiana looking for work opportunities. See here for information about Cedar Valley: The Best Place for You and Your Family in Texas.